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Purus Soil: 1 Gallon (20 Acres)

Purus Soil: 1 Gallon (20 Acres)

Pure CV-50 is a proprietary blend of naturally grown micro-algae in controlled systems called Photo Bio reactors (PBRs). 


Plants Grown With PureFuture's Proprietary Blend Of Naturally Grown Micro-Algae Deliver: 

  • Crop yields increased 30% or more
  • Longer shelf life
  • Healthier plants and soil 
  • Greater profits to growers 
  • Increased benefits for consumers 
  • Enhanced market advantages (example - first to market)


Premium. All Natural. For Soil.


PureFuture's growth & cultivation systems additionally ensure the micro algae receives the precise amount of light, nutrients and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for promoting photosynthesis that boosts the proliferation and yield.  An algae crop is harvested regularly and bottled for use as a concentrate. The high quality and rapid cultivation of the CV through our process makes it suitable for industrial scale production.


    Pure Future works with industry experts to produce a blend of naturally grown micro-algae which is:

    • Low Cost: Faster and more economical than organic composting or a synthetic process.
    • Able to provide optimal plant growth conditions resulting in greater yields for growers.
    • Healthier for the environment and improves soil structure, microbial activity, nutrition delivery and water retention.


    Used For: Farms, Golf Courses, Landscaping, Gardens, Greenhouses, Municipalities and more!

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