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Purus Air: Anti-Microbial Solution (AMS) - 1 Gallon

Purus Air: Anti-Microbial Solution (AMS) - 1 Gallon

Anti-Microbial Solution (AMS) is an Air-Surface-Fiber Disinfectant and treatment for a dynamic (constantly changing) environment. Effects last approximately 30+ days once treated. Not harmful to property, people, plants or pets.  


Our AM Solution not only continually kills microbes on hard and soft surfaces, but since nothing is transferred to the microbe when it is killed, the application is not diminished and product carries on protecting against microbial activity, for at least 30 days. 


Anti-Microbial Solution (AMS) product’s patented formula bonds on a molecular level with all hard and softsurfaces and works consistently to lower the bio-burden day-after-day, weekafter-week, even after being touched or cleaned with harsh cleaners. Inaddition, since the product is not an off-gassing poison like traditionalantimicrobial products, it is safe for daily use.


CleanStrike, LLC is a clean technology company that supports the environment and solves important environmental problems affecting our air, water and soil under the PURUS brand.



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